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"I will gladly pay you Tuesday, for a Christo today!" 

Actually… I’ll GLADLY pay you anything for a Christo anytime.

About Us

Pavoni's International Olive Oil represents the finest gourmet olive oils and specialty food products in the world. Our dedication to perfection without compromise has earned our oils a distinction among the industry's most passionate experts at a global level. The element of exclusivity and superiority defines our company's character and sets the standard for excellence in our products and reputation among our clients.

With many of our oils located in central eastern Italy located off the coast of the Adriatic Sea, south of Rimini, our oils occupy an exclusive heritage of legendary reputation and of proud olive farmers for centuries. The oils produced in this region are not commonly represented in traditional American and Eastern European markets. Pavoni's extra virgin olive oils are harvested and bottled by hand to ensure the absolute highest quality end product. In addition, our illustrious oils are carefully selected bringing our customers the finest and most select of the harvest. We capture tremendous pride in making available these delicate oils to our clients, and through numerous avenues of acquisition.

Our oils are produced using a slow extraction process. This method permits more of the healthy minerals to be present in the oils after the pressing, thus creating a more full bodied oil that is both gentle and fruity. Our oils extend beyond traditional virgin olive oils to include genuine infusion. The methodology in this process is tedious and sensitive and requires means not typically apparent in the production of most olive oils, particularly where it relates to delicate interjection of a foreign species or vegetation.

Pavoni's International Olive Oil Company invites you to become a customer of some of the most exclusive oils, and to share the taste and experience with olive oil connoisseurs that are among the most prominent and sophisticated in the world. 

The Burnham Family

Our Guarantee to You..

It is not just about quality. With Pavoni's it is about passion and striving to make people, not only enjoy our oils, but to fall in love with them. We put in special care, and an intimate touch in each and every bottle. There is passion in every seal bringing the Burnham love to the Pavoni name. We take prodigious pride in what we do and you will absolutely know it when you open a bottle of Pavoni's olive oil.